MBA class 2013

It has been three weeks since the Cambridge MBA class of 2013 first came together on the opening day of Orientation. This year, we have 141 MBAs from 44 different nationalities. Once again, we have a good, even mix of nationalities, unlike other schools where one or two nationalities comprise the overwhelming majority. This even spread of nationalities works in our favour to create a vibrant learning environment and a truly global MBA class.

Because I have been travelling the last week and a half, I’ve not actually spent that much time with MBA2013 students compared to previous years. There are still several students, who were interviewed over the phone, whom I have yet to meet personally, but I hope to do so in the next few weeks.

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  1. Hi Conrad,

    Hope you’ve survired from last intensive week. This is Wyman who talked with you in the info session in Singapore. Since I couldn’t find your email, then I just reply here and want to let you know that I could not make the first round deadline. I’ll try to get everything prepared soon and I’m wondering if there is any difference between applying in Round 1 and applying in Round 2.

    Best regards,
    Weiwen Zhao (Wyman)

  2. Hi Conrad,

    I’ve been looking at the class breakdown and found out that there’s a 7% of Latin-American’s in the 2013 class. I’ve seen that many schools just accept some of us to have a “diverse” group, but don’t really have a decent percentage of Latin students.

    It seems like Judge really makes a huge effort to have a diverse class, so congratulations from an Ecuadorian!

    Best regards,


    • Bernardo

      Thanks for your comment. We would really like more Latin Americans. It is an interesting area economically. I admit I don’t know as much about Latin America compared to other regions but I hope that over time, we get to see more Cambridge MBAs from either an entrepreneurial background, or working for Latin American companies on the brink of being global champions. That is still a while in the future but that’s our hope. And of course, have several Ecuadorians :-)


  3. Dear Conrad,

    I’m really glad and amazed to see that the Cambridge MBA has such a strong view on diversity and that the communication channels actually work (meaning that questions get answered).

    Just wanted to say that my grandfather told me a lot of stories about Cambridge and their interest on pursuing knowledge side by side my great grandfather.

    You will be seing my application very soon.

    I hope the Cambridge MBA can visit Peru in the near future

    Best regards,
    Camilo Monge

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