Playlist for those end of term exam blues

All the Cambridge MBAs breathed a huge sigh of relief this week as they finished their Cambridge Venture Project (CVP) presentations to clients as varied as ARM, Jaguar Land Rover, one of the first investors in Linkedin etc. The mood went stratospheric when news that Tom Stanley in the current class was in the starting lineup of the University Rugby team who narrowly beat Oxford in the Varsity Match.

The students now turn their attention to the small matter of several exams next week before they can enjoy their Christmas break. So to help them in their studies I have selected a few new songs that I have discovered. I have shared Apple Music playlists before but the annoying thing is that the widget maker that I used before is broken so I will have to share individual tracks. This might actually turn out better since I can list out the tracks in text for those who have trouble seeing the widgets.

1. A Room with a Zoo by the Winachi Tribe. This might describe what the Syndicate Room, where MBAs do their prep work, was like this past week.

2. Grey by Kolsch. Something to play in the background.

3. Shivers by Annie and the Make Believe. For those who are revising while drowning in coffee in a cafe.

4. Cuffing Season by Yungen. A lot slower than his other work but the opening lyrics about the weather getting colder strikes the right chord as we head into Christmas.

5. If Only I could Forget by Josephine and the Artisans. Probably not what the MBAs want to do during their exams.

6. After the After Party by Charli XcX. Need I say more?

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